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Futurebuild 2023

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Image above: Miinus display at Futurebuild 2023. Boreal Kitchens Limited.

Boreal Kitchens was proud to showcase the Miinus kitchen range at this year’s Futurebuild show at London’s ExCel centre. The show focussed on all things sustainable, from renewable energy through to innovative materials.

We had so many interesting conversations with the public about what makes the Miinus kitchen so remarkable. Having had this discussion so many times over the past few days, we thought we would set out what we believe makes Miinus so special.

What is a Miinus kitchen?

At the heart of the kitchen is the ‘biocomposite frame’, a replacement carcass structure. It is made using injection moulding and is in essence a skeleton structure with pre-fabricated holes for all of the various fittings (drawer runners, shelves, hinges, etc). Each hole can withstand being drilled into and out of many times before it loses its strength. Because of this, the kitchen is easily modifiable, meaning a cupboard can be easily turned into a set of drawers and vice versa. In a residential setting, the biocomposite frame and all mechanical parts have a 30 year warranty. It is also a low VOC kitchen, meaning it does not compromise indoor air quality and is a great product for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Why is the biocomposite frame so compelling?

– It uses significantly less materials than a standard carcass

– It comes with an M1 air quality rating 

– It is waterproof

– It is durable

– It is easily modifiable

– It can withstand being taken apart and put back together 

– It is recyclable

– It is cost-effective over the span of its lifetime

In short, every home should have one!

We would like to thank our partner, Edge, who put together an amazing events programme over the three days and pulled together a stand showcasing sustainable brands who are all striving to make the design and construction industry a better (and more sustainable) place!