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The Psychology of Colour

Dekton Worktop Finishes
Image: Sage and Rosemary veneer finishes with Dekton worktop finishes.

A client asked us recently whether a colour they were considering for their kitchen was, in their own words, ‘outdated’. Given that a kitchen is expected to be the mainstay of a home for thirty-plus years, it is understandable that they would prefer to opt for a colour that was more ‘fashion forward.’ 

However, we actively try to avoid becoming hung up on fashions or trends. Good design is about creating a functional space our clients can live in happily and healthily without wanting or needing to change it every five years. 

When it comes to colour, we always advise clients to think about what other finishes they plan to have in their space. The key is not to have more than three feature colours in the space, unless it is carefully curated. Any more than this can be hard on the eye.

When we give clients colour samples, we advise that they leave them on the side in the kitchen for a few days. This gives them the advantage of seeing them as the light in the room changes throughout the day. After a few days of observation, they will instinctively know which they like best. 

Colour is also an extremely personal choice. It has the power to influence how we feel. It is no coincidence that blues and greens, which  are synonymous with nature, have a calming effect. Some people love stark whites for their minimalism allowing them to feel relaxed; for others this will make them feel uncomfortable. Yellows are happy and remind us of the sun, but they can make some people feel tired. The point is, choose your colours because you love them and because they work with the light and finishes in your kitchen. 

If you have a specific colour in mind for your kitchen, we can offer any bespoke colour outside of our standard colour range. Get in touch and we can work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams!