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What's in a Kitchen?

What is a kitchen?
The image above: Biocomposite frame in white 
Date: 18th May 2022. Boreal Kitchens Limited.

This question is one we find ourselves going back to time and again whenever we discuss what is different about a Puustelli Miinus kitchen versus a standard kitchen. 


Fast fashion is something which has received a lot of attention and the impact it has on our planet is well documented. We have all seen images showing the mountains of clothes created from producing low quality,  cheap garments which have a tendency to last one season.  


By the same token, we should care about what is in our kitchen. This is why we have chosen to partner with Puustelli by offering their Miinus range to our clients. Puustelli, Finland’s leading kitchen manufacturer, has come up with a patented biocomposite frame that replaces the traditional carcass structure in standard kitchens. The biocomposite frame uses roughly half the materials and is made using injection moulding with pre-assigned holes for drawer runners, shelves and door hinges. Not only is it made using superior materials, but you can re-purpose the units so that a cupboard can be converted into a set of drawers and vice versa. Oh,  and did we mention the biocomposite frame comes with a thirty-year warranty and is fully recyclable? The Miinus kitchen is a kitchen for life. 


That is what is inside a Miinus kitchen. On the outside, you can choose from dozens of real wood-veneered door and drawer fronts for that enviable and elegant Nordic look. Check out our Portfolio Page, Instagram  Page and Puustelli’s Idea Book to help you find your look.